Rich & Skinny

I wish I was using this caption to describe myself. However, in this post I’m not talking about myself or any other person. I’m talking about the brand Rich & Skinny. I have a couple pairs of Rich & Skinny jeans and I absolutely love them all. My favorite thing about these jeans is the amazing print on them. They’re just so unique. Not to mention, Rich & Skinny jeans are incredibly comfortable, and I am all about comfort while looking cute. I paired these jeans with all black details: a solid black sweater, black boots, black sunglasses, and a black necklace. No pattern mixing here, as I wanted all the focus to be on these gorgeous pants.

IMG_3755 IMG_3756 IMG_3758 IMG_3760 IMG_3762 IMG_3764Sweater: Charter Club (similar) | Pants: Rich & Skinny (similar here and here)
Boots: Michael Kors (similar here and here) | Necklace: Gift (similar)
Sunglasses: Versace (here)

Blue & Grey


IMG_3793IMG_3778 IMG_3781 IMG_3782 IMG_3785 IMG_3787 IMG_3789 IMG_3790Pants: Express (here) | Sweater: Sweet Romeo (similar)
Pumps: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar here and here)

I love these electric blue pants! They’re just so versatile. They can be worn through all of the seasons. I paired them here with a blue necklace, solid grey sweater and grey patent leather pumps for a simple, classic winter look. I also really like these pants with solid black. However, I am looking forward to pairing these pants with a floral or patterned shirt in the spring time. I seriously cannot wait for the warmer weather. I’ve already been planning so many outfits to wear in my head for once the temperatures are out of the 30’s and below!

Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Best Dressed
I am very pleased with the Oscars Fashion overall. I actually struggled to narrow down my 5 best dressed, which is a big deal compared to disappoint of the previous awards shows of 2015. My favorite by far though was Emma Stone in Elie Saab.
I mean honestly, isn’t she just perfection in this dress? The color pairs so well with her fair skin and red hair. I’m loving the high slit and high neckline combination, too, so that it reveals just enough. Not to mention the gorgeous details of the beading. Absolutely flawless.
Anna Kendrick was stunning in this Thakoon gown. Again, perfect color with her skin tone. I also like that the dress is rather simple with just a great cut-out placement and pretty neckline.

Rosamund Pike nailed it in this Givenchy gown. I am loving that this dress is form fitting with a high slit, but no low neckline, and the detailing of the fabric is just beautiful.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum looked gorgeous in this Zuhair Murad dress. The beading, low neckline, and fit are all just right here.

Another beautiful Zuhair Murad gown to grace the Oscars on Chrissy Teigen. I think this baby blue color is so pretty. I love the intricate beading of the top, the belt, and the flow of the bottom part of this gown.
Worst Dressed

First of all, why does Solange Knowles get to attend the Oscars? But second of all, this Christian Soriano jumpsuit is a complete fail. It looks like she wrapped a blanket around herself a couple of times and tucked it in around her legs. Maybe if it was more form fitting it could have worked, but it absolutely did not work as is.

Chloe Grace Moretz has so much potential to look amazing in a gown, but this Miu Miu gown would make you think otherwise. I’m really not a fan of gowns with prints at these awards shows, but especially not when the print reminds me of my grandma’s sheets from the 70’s/80’s. The gown also poofs out way too high up, making her look shapeless.

Behati Prinsloo looks like she rolled around in red lint while wrapped in velcro in this Armani Prive gown. The peplum this above the waist doesn’t make sense; the red seems to be much more patchy on the bottom part of the gown; it shouldn’t be see-through at the bottom; and the fishnet/mesh looks like a thin barbed wire fence. Also, terrible choice in hairstyle. Just no.

I read that it took 25 people and 1600 hours to make this Azzedine Alaia dress on Lady Gaga. Well, there are several other more productive things those 25 people could have done with those 1600 hours. The wide sleeves on this gown would not look good on anyone. But most importantly, Lady Gaga looks like she should be in my kitchen washing my dishes for me with those red rubber gloves. So inappropriate for the Oscars.

Keira Knightley seems to know how to disappoint during awards shows. I get that she’s pregnant, but there are way prettier was to style a baby bump than this Valentino disasters. The words on this dress just don’t belong on this dress. Also, the nude color does not work on Keira’s skin tone. This dress has so much potential, but I am so disappointed in the outcome on Keira.


Top: BCBG Maxazri (different pattern)(similar colors) | Pants: Bleulab (different color)
Bag: Badgley Mischka (similar) | Booties: BCBG Paris (similar)
Bracelet: Jewelry store in NYC (similar here and here) | Bracelet: Positano, Italy (similar)
I got this BCBG Maxazria top for Christmas and I am so in love with it. I like that the stripes aren’t as clean-cut and defined as normal striped tops are. I also think the color combinations work really well together, mixing the green, tans, browns, black, and white. The material is also super comfortable and lightweight, which means I can wear it over multiple seasons.
I paired the top with my Bleulab black coated pants, some BCBG Paris brown suede booties, a simple golden necklace, this gorgeous green and tan handmade beaded bracelet from my trip to Italy, and my brown and gold Badgley Mischka bag. I wanted to bring out all of the different colors from the shirt in the other aspects of my outfit (the white aspect being my super pale skin =P).

Polka Dot Tights

Sweater: Gap (similar) | Skirt: Express (here)
Stockings: Express (similar) | Pumps: Jessica Simpson (here)
Bracelet: French Connection | Bag: Coach (similar)

I am obsessed with these polka dot tights from Express! With the freezing cold temperatures lately, I’ve found myself in pants every single day and I needed to find a way to be able to wear skirts and/or dresses again. I have a few pairs of plain black or nude stockings, but those get boring real quick. These polka dot tights are a simple way to add a little bit of pattern. I like that the dots are very small, so it adds just enough to the tights without being too much. Surprisingly, these are extremely comfortable too and super soft. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of patterned tights.

Grammy’s 2015

This awards season has been one of the worst ones for fashion, in my opinion. I usually struggle limiting my favorites, but it was extremely difficult for me to even find favorites at the Grammy’s. However, there were several worst dressed, just as at the Golden Globes. See below for my best and worst dressed.


One trend that I cannot get on board with is the also nude look. I do like a little peek-a-boo, but I am not into the visible body suit underneath the dress look. Body suits are for gymnastics, not the red carpet
With a solid nude lining underneath this dress instead of the complete see-through mess that it is, this dress and Katy Perry could have been on the best dressed list.

Wayyyy too much skin and silver. That is all.

I didn’t realize bathrobes were considered red carpet fashion, even if they are very shiny.
Charlie XCX and Madonna (below) both look like they accidentally stepped onto the red carpet instead of the circus, where they belonged.
And these two were on their way to the gym, but thought it would be good to make a Grammy’s appearance first. Cute, except not at all.
I’m sure you’ve all seen the memes involving Rhianna’s dress, my favorite being the loofah comparison as it is most accurate. Therefore, no need to discuss this any further.
Kimberly Perry is only my best dressed list. I am loving the solid black bottom of the dress with the intricate details of the top half. The combination is just stunning.
Chrissy Teigen looks stunning in white, with the modest cutouts and her beachy waves. A+.

I’m not particularly a fan of jumpsuits on the red carpet, but with the slim pickings and the fact that this is actually beautiful, Gwen made it on my best dressed list.
I know that several people disliked Taylor Swift’s dress, but I really loved it. The purple shoes were a little bit of a miss, but not enough for me to take her off my best dressed list with everything else looking gorgeous.

Meaghan Trainor looks stunning in this Galia Lahav gown. She absolutely nailed this look. My favorite dress of the night.

Things I’m Currently Really Into

I’ve really been slacking with taking some updated outfit pictures due to lots of work and really awful weather here in New York. So, in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some things I’m really into right now. This is a collection of items I am really loving for either myself or my home.

Black Pleated Faux Leather Mini Skirts:

I especially love that they still look super cute with stockings/tights. It’s hard to pull off, but I really like it.

Valentino Rockstuds in Nude:

Fingers crossed for Valentine’s Day!

Asymmetrical Skirts:

Some about the asymmetrical thing just makes me really happy.

Sweaters (anything to keep me warm in this brrrrr weather):

I’m really loving the deep V of this sweater.


But more importantly, this gorgeous Tory Burch bracelet to go over it

Skinnytaste Cookbook/Recipes:

And here are some pictures of a few dishes I’ve made from the cookbook. Note: Took these quickly with my cell before eating every last bite ;)

White Desks:

I am so in love with this desk, but, unfortunately, it’s too big for the spot I need it :(

Agate Coasters:

I keep going back and forth about these coasters because while they are quite beautiful, we are not really coaster-type people, so I’m sure they’d be functional.


Sharing yet another outfit from my vacation in Antigua. I bought this emerald green dress a few months ago and have been waiting for an occasion to wear it. I actually thought the emerald green was perfect for the winter weather, so I was really undecided on whether or not I should bring it with me on vacation to an island with summer temperatures. I chose to bring it and if I was really feeling ti one night I would wear it. I brought a lot of black with me, so I thought it would be nice to break it up with another color. Thankfully the weather in Antigua wasn’t sweltering at night because the material of this dress is a little thick and I would have been some uncomfortable.

I paired the dress with my nude Brian Atwood shoes, my emerald green Bauble Bar necklace, and my gold Michael Kors watch. I kept it pretty simple with accessories because the dress has enough detail on it’s own, between the slit and the sleeves.

Dress: Tobi | Necklace: BaubleBar
Shoes: Brian Atwood | Watch: Michael Kors

Golden Globes 2015 Best and Worst Dressed

I have to say that overall, I was not impressed by the Golden Globes fashion. It was way harder for me to weed out my top WORST dressed than it was for me to pick my top BEST dressed. There were so many bad ones this year and it was really disappointing. Below I’ve listed out the 5 worst dressed and 5 best dressed, in my opinion.

Worst Dressed

I love me some Claire Danes. Homeland is one of my favorite shows and she was amazing in Romeo & Juliet alongside Leo. However, I’m just not sure what is going on here. This Valentino piece has some potential, but it just does not fit her right. It looks baggy and does nothing for her body.

I actually had to Google Jemima Kirke to figure out who she is and why she’s famous enough to be at the Golden Globes. Apparently she’s an actress on Girls (clearly, I don’t watch that show). The top of this looks like someone was starting to sew a big piece of fabric into a shirt/dress and then just stopped and Jemima decided to wear it anyway. Not a fan of this cape-like weirdness at all.

I also had to Google Zosia Mamet. It’s pretty clear that the actresses from Girls all have no idea what fashion is. The colors of the dress look awful with her hair color (not that I even know what to call the color of her hair). The two tone thing with these colors is also a big fail. The shape of this dress is so unflattering, as well. It seems like it was supposed to be a peplum shape but also wanted to be a princess gown. Just no.

That is all.

And the worst dressed of the night goes to….

Keira Knightley! I get that she’s pregnant, but take a lesson from Blake Lively; you can still look stunning on the red carpet while pregnant. I’m also really disappointed in Chanel for making this. The print, the ruffles, especially around the collar, it’s all just a mess.

Best Dressed

Love the color, love the fit, love the details, love love love. Great job to Greer Grammer. She looks absolutely stunning in this Lorena Sarbu gown.

Now this is Chanel done right. This dress is so gorgeous. I love glitter and sparkles and shine (as you can tell by my best dressed selections). I really love the slit and the train on this dress, though, along with all the shine. The very simple sandals are the perfect pair for the dress, as I wouldn’t want to see anything take away from the dress. I love the whole look.

Reese has always been and will always be one of my favorites. She is just a beautiful person inside and out. I love the simplicity of her whole look; the hair, the makeup, the dress. She really does look great in this Calvin Klein dress. And even better than the dress is the $1.5 million in Tiffany & Co. jewelry she is wearing. Perfection.

I won’t lie, this gown is VERY revealing. But I really don’t think it’s too much. The classy silhouette of the dress balances out how revealing it is. And how amazing does Kate Hudson’s body look? Ugh, I am super jealous. This dress fits her like a glove. I’m loving it.

 And the number one best dressed goes to…..

Julianne Moore! This Givenchy gown is to die for. Even at 54 years old, Julianne outshined all of the other females at the Golden Globes. She looks stunning and there is no denying that. The sparkles were trendy this year and I love me some sparkles any year and any time of year. I’m also loving the ombre effect and the feather details at the bottom of the gown. Just wow. Congratulations to you, Julianne!

Giorgio Armani’s Antiguan Vacation Home

I was super excited to find out that this gorgeous house that was part of our daily view at the beach, set on a cliff overlooking Galley Bay/the Caribbean Sea, was a fashion designer’s vacation home. After overhearing us discussing the beautiful home, one of the managers at our resort informed us that the house we were looking at belonged to Giorgio Armani. Armani, as we were told, frequently takes walks up and down the beach strip of the Galley Bay Resort, as his private beach area is attached via a private little walkway. Once I received this information, naturally, I made it my mission to get as close as possible to Armani’s house without 1) being attacked by his security detail and 2) invading his privacy. My boyfriend and I took a walk to the end of the beach where Armani’s house and private beach are situated and the following pictures are what I was able to capture (so chic!).

Another cool siting was one of Armani’s yachts. Apparently the one we saw (below) was his smaller yacht. I guess he didn’t have any huge yacht parties the week we were in Antigua.

Fun fact: apparently Giorgio Armani travels with at least 10 male models, according to the manager at our resort. The manager we were speaking with said he used to work for a different company, where he actually was at Armani’s house on a few occasions. Unfortunately, we were unable to spot Armani or his entourage, but still so fascinating to me. I have provided some articles that discuss Armani’s vacation home in Antigua a little further. Also, if you google search “Giorgio Armani’s Antigua Home,” you will come across some images of the inside, which are so very gorgeous.